Data storage systems

SILA CX2-1133


The data storage system provides high performance and low latency for a wide range of SAN and NAS use cases. The solution is effective for mixed workloads, storage consolidation and server virtualization.

Special features:

  • The software is able to provide efficient operation for an unlimited number of arrays;
  • wide maximum capacity: from 4TB to 2.4PB;
  • support for file and block access;
  • snapshot support;
  • support for local and remote data replication;
  • built-in encryption;
  • integration with VMware, Microsoft and OpenStack ecosystems.

The architecture of the data storage system is designed specifically for flash memory and has a rich functionality for working with data.

Uninterrupted running of the DSS is ensured due to automated remote support and proactive help system based on cloud-based monitoring and predictive analytics.

Drive Chassis 2.5" SAS/Flash (2U), 25 drives
Maximum raw capacity 2.4PB
Memory capacity per array 96GB
Minimum-maximum drives 6-150

Fiber channel


SMB 3.0 (CIFS)

VVols 9000