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SILA Production Facility

The production facility of SILA equipment is located in the city of Balashikha in the Moscow region, on the territory of a 2A class production and warehouse complex.

Our production areas are designed in accordance with the requirements of Part 4 "Design, construction and commissioning" of GOST R ISO 14644-4-2002 "Clean rooms and associated controlled environments".

The workplaces of our employees in the production facility are furnished with specialized Viking production furniture designed especially for enterprises that produce electronic products and equipped with all required specialized tools.

The cleanliness class of the production areas where equipment is assembled and assembled is ISO 8, and that of ancillary areas where our products are packaged and labeled is ISO 9. Finished SILA equipment is tested and quality controlled by the production management service. After passing all the necessary checks, the manufactured products are sent to a warehouse located near the production workshop, inside the warehouse complex.

The monthly production capacity of SILA facility is:

  • Server hardware platforms - up to 1200 pieces;
  • Data storage systems - up to 1000 pieces;
  • Computing workstations - up to 4000 pieces;
  • Personal computers in the monoblock form factor - up to 1000 pieces;
  • Portable computers (laptops) - up to 2000 pieces;
  • Network switches - up to 1600 pcs.