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Продлено заключение о российском происхождении серверов "СИЛА" серии СР2

8 July 2022

Sila launches new flagship laptop

The premium SILA HK1-1429 laptop will expand the model range of portable devices for business.

8 July 2022

Sila launches a new DDS product

The latest data storage system based on container architecture will expand the model range of enterprise-class systems.

8 July 2022

Zvezda chooses SILA equipment for storage upgrade

Sila has supplied equipment to the television and radio company of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation ZVEZDA. The media group’s data storage infrastructure has been upgraded with the CX2 series storage system.

8 July 2022

Sila and TIONIX have completed testing of a joint software and hardware complex

Sila, together with TIONIX, a Russian developer of software for providing cloud services, have tested the solution as part of the SILA hardware platform and TIONIX software version 2.

8 July 2022

Sila took part in Hyperconverged Infrastructure Forum 2019

On October 22, 2019 Hyperconverged Infrastructure Forum 2019 (“Hyperconverged Infrastructure 2019”) was held in the banquet complex “S.I.L.K.”, organized by IDC, a leading provider of information and consulting services in the information technology market.